Being 22 and an almost graduate

Every morning my alarm clock goes off and I groan.
Every classroom I go into I groan.
Every time I go to my part-time job I groan.

Okay, I cannot wait until all of this groaning is gone for good. But how long?

I knew I wanted to go to college for english since I was very young. To be a teacher? No. To become a writer? Yes. If I could go back I still believe I would have picked this major. The only problem is that being an english major with a concentration in creative writing means that it is very difficult to find a job! Sometimes I wonder if I went to school for nursing how much better it would be… but I hate needles, so… It’s just the fact that there is a set job outside of school waiting for them. I’m extremely jealous of that and them.

I’m graduating in May and I have a few jobs I plan on applying for but I don’t feel like I’m qualified for much of anything. In classes it was great. We all wrote our short stories or poems and then we critiqued them. I have that system down perfectly in my head, but, how does that translate into a well paying job?

I’ve had two great internships that helped me tremendously with skills I would not have learned in class. But I’m afraid that none of that will stand out as much as I would like it to because I only dipped my feet into it. I did not have classes on it.

Here it is, another groan.

This is all new territory for me. I’m super excited to get the heck out of school but I’m nervous for what comes next. That’s everyone’s fear after college but with being an english major I think that fear is amplified.

I love writing. I love being imaginative. I love words.

Oh well, I guess I’m still trying to find my way.


via Daily Prompt: Territory


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