This is part of a bigger poetry project I’m working on.
I hope you enjoy it.


It’s not easy to tell you
what I’m about to say.

The rain has been falling inside of
my head for the past month.
The clouds are getting heavier
and the thunder is making my legs weak.
I’ve bled myself dry trying to constantly
balance your happiness and my
happiness as one single entity
but the weight is starting to crush me.
It’s like I’m sleepwalking through
the days
the weeks
and I’ve lost track of time.
I’ve lost track of myself.
You have this premeditated
mold of someone you think
I am supposed to be.
I am so much more than you
think, or know.
You’ve been seeing through me
when I was standing right in front
of you.
The truth is I might not be able to
calm the storm in my head but you’ve
built the foundation you stand on from
hollow words and deception.
You must have known that
I would have done anything for you.
You must have seen the way
I felt safe next to you.
It takes a bit more than that.
You might have taken some parts of me.
They may be tangled somewhere
inside of you.
Take care of them,
I found something to
replace them with.

I think what I’m trying to say is:
I just don’t think we’re fitting together
like we’re supposed to.


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