What’s holding you back?

Recently, there has been something lurking inside my head ready to be picked apart.

I’m blessed to work in a company that has a program set up with German students
during their gap year. Basically, after their “high school” many take a year off to travel or to work in a foreign country for experience. I work at a Quaker Community, but more specifically, I work in their kitchen. Every year we get new German interns to work for us and the kitchen is the one place many end up going.

My first couple months working their, I was so amazed at how fast the interns picked up english and the culture. Then the next group came and we had to start all over again helping them with the language and the work. My relationship with most of them flourished and soon we were inseparable.

Now, three groups of German interns later, I realized at how much they travel. They went all over the U.S.; west, north, south, Mexico and even Canada. I was extremely jealous because they were able to just request off days and leave. Just like that.

A previous German intern, now a good friend of mine, had asked me why I didn’t travel. She just came back from Portland, a place I always wanted to go. I thought about it because why haven’t I? I mean money is a big consideration. But we now have Uber and Air B&B and so many other options available. I asked myself why I wasn’t having the time of my life just like she was.

There are so many places I want to visit just in the U.S. and this is the perfect time in my life to take advantage of this. I just graduated college and I have a stable part time job, so what is holding me back?

I wonder if it has something to do with American culture. One intern told me how in hours she could be in Italy or in France completely immersed in a different culture. Maybe since America is one big chunk of land surrounded by only Canada and Mexico, we don’t see or feel the motivation?

I want that motivation, I am determined to find it.

What’s holding you back?


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