What we go through for our fur babies

Tuesday morning Tyler and I are woken up by our beautiful boxer Kiara (pictured) throwing up. Over the last few weeks she has been having episodes of not eating breakfast and then throwing up white foam. We went to our local vet and they said to add a tablespoon of pumpkin to her food to see if that helps. Well, this time it was not white foam. Our first reaction was, “Did she eat her own poop?!” It looked like a dark brown wad of something… We quickly scooped up the mystery object and went to the vet right away. Our mischievous puppy was at it again, eating things she shouldn’t be. This time it was a sponge.

But our scare didn’t stop there. On Thursday she threw up again and this time pooped blood! We rushed Kiara back to the vet and took X-rays but they had to send us to another vet hospital for an ultrasound. Our little girl seemed to just have gastritis and we were sent back home with medications. Phew!

After all the stress and anxiety we went through, there is no doubt we would go through it again to make sure our baby is healthy. After explaining this situation to a friend yesterday, his response was, “at least she’s not a child.” Our response was, “Of course she’s our child!” There is something so special between the love you share with your dog, only a dog person would understand.

I was thinking how easy it would be if dogs could talk and tell us what’s wrong with their bodies. But then the silent connection you share would never matter. Being a parent and friend to your dog is such a special job because you have to listen and watch to understand each other. The love connection is so real!

So please, listen and try to understand your fur babies because they rely on you for everything! Also, don’t leave sponges out!


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